MEET DR. KIM CORBA: Insurance-free approach to health care comes to the Lehigh Valley

Dr. Kim Corba

Dr. Kim Corba – “Medicine and the care of a human being does not fit algorithms,” she said. “In primary care, you really have to listen to everything the patients have to say … You can’t do that in seven to 10 minutes — it’s not good medical practice for the patients or the physician.”

By Sam Kennedy, Reporter, Of The Morning Call

FEBRUARY 2016 – FOGELSVILLE — Dr. Kimberly Legg Corba didn’t go through four years of medical school and build a primary care practice from scratch only to rush her patients out the door with prescriptions for the cheapest medications even when more expensive alternatives would work better.

But that’s what she felt insurance companies were pushing her to do — until she cut them out of her medical practice altogether.

Last month Corba stopped accepting insurance, switching to a new business model called direct primary care. Now her practice, Green Hills Direct Primary Care of Fogelsville, works like a gym or health club: Her patients pay a monthly membership fee, which allows them to schedule an appointment whenever they want and as often as they need, without co-pays.

They can also call her on weekends and nights for advice and swing by the office to pick up commonly prescribed medications at deeply discounted prices. It’s all so much easier without the insurance companies getting in the way, she said.

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