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Dave Chase: “If successful, Harken positions United to succeed in a consumer-oriented, post-reform healthcare environment where service provision aligns with customer needs.”


FEBRUARY 3, 2016 – Recently, headlines screamed about UnitedHealth threatening to leave the ACA Exchanges. As Bruce Japsen reported, United is losing hundreds of millions on the public exchanges. Meanwhile, virtually no one has noticed perhaps the smartest move I’ve seen any health insurer make — build a de novo value-based primary care model from the ground up that is optimized for the consumer and small business market that the exchanges target.


STARTUP: New health care company coming to Chicago and Atlanta … will combine insurance and medical clinics

While there has been no public announcement,  Iora Health is clearly operating the first Harken practices. A quick Google search reveals significant physician and professional overlap between the two companies. Even more telling, Harken Health employs the Iora business model. ~Dave Chase

It should come as no surprise that most health plans aren’t doing very well with consumers. After all, health insurers have the lowest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of any industry. As I’ve pointed out many times, the status quo health benefits couldn’t be worse and there is catastrophic misalignment of resources to have a successful population health program. It’s not uncommon for some health insurers to actually have a negative NPS. Meanwhile, there are startups who have tackled healthcare’s most vexing problem — pricing failure — via Transparent Medical Networks. It can make one wonder what all those health plan and benefits people have been doing while a startup could slay the healthcare cost beast relatively easily. The evidence is crystal clear that health plans have made no dent in making the country healthier, improving the consumer experience or controlling costs and we know how doctors feel about dealing with insurance. This is highlighted in the New Health Plans, New Health Benefits section of the 95 Theses for a New Health Ecosystem



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