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Patrick Wagner: There are other options to ‘statist’ medicine

By Patrick Wagner, MD

Here’s a question. On an average day in America, what percentage of health care services are distributed in acute care hospitals compared to outpatient services?

Another question is about money. What percentage is spent on an average day in each of these settings (spent vs. squandered and stolen)?

It would be of shocking value for all of us to know the answers to these questions.

With the final blow of Obamacare, our health care system is socialized medicine. The final gasps of ACA (affordable care act) compliant health care insurance systems and short timer hospital systems will soon end as fatigue sets in and they succumb to government rule. Sounds bleak, doesn’t it?

However, as folks understand that the entire overthrow of the medical profession is a SCAM (or a socialist conspiracy against medicine) as the gateway to the socialist conspiracy against mankind (the entire gross domestic product or industrial capacity of America), we are waking up and recognizing what needs to be done to revive our traditional free enterprise private practice medicine system (FEPPM). My FEPPM proposal consists of the four C’s, namely cash, catastrophic, charity, and Constitutional (10th) amendment commerce.

We need to wake up our sleeping doctors around this country and let them know that we want them to work for us, not for the statists.

It’s really very simple. All we have to do is lawfully sit down, do a little arithmetic, re-organize some responsibilities, and start doing business; first class free enterprise, lawful, American style business! We’ve got the laws on our side, most importantly laws that protect us from statism! Wouldn’t you agree that it’s nonsense to give up medicine to a socialist shill instead of using common sense and fight for free enterprise medicine? After all, this is America, is it not? Why aren’t we acting like Americans?

In various areas of America today, doctors are practicing concierge medicine or “gatekeeper medicine,” and they are successful and can make a living. This makes doctors happy. And they are competent because they make their own decisions about your care. Happy doctors do good work for you, and you know it down deep inside. The problem with concierge medicine is that when you need hospital services, for example the emergency room or admission to the hospital, the concierge doctor has to leave you at the entrance and turn you over to “stranger” doctors who work for the government. The problem with stranger doctors is that they are grumpy and don’t appear to care, and you know it down deep inside. How can you blame them, for they work for the state and state doctors are incompetent! Not only are they incompetent, but they are envious of the concierge doctors. It’s just human nature!

So your challenge now, Mr. and Mrs. America, is to determine whether you are going to continue to put up with the scam, or whether you are going to rise up and determine to create “free enterprise zone” private practice hospitals as an alternative to most every existing hospital in America today.

We need to wake up our sleeping doctors around this country and let them know that we want them to work for us, not for the statists. We want them to know that we will provide for a competitive environment in which they can really start to like their jobs again, and be happy and competent, and to feel competent, down deep inside. We need to tell them that we realize their present jobs are second-rate jobs, and that we want to pay them and respect them for their wonderful, lifesaving work once they wake up and look at themselves in the mirror and recognize their true value to themselves and to us. We need to tell them that they no longer have to be victims of their wretched circumstances, and that they no longer have to be told by moronic sticky-fingered statists what to do and not do.

Maybe we should intubate some of the dying ACA compliant insurance companies mentioned above, do a lobectomy that would kill their egotistical theft centers, and train them to start underwriting honest, competitive pricing and paying principles again. We need competitive catastrophic medical insurance, similar to catastrophic auto insurance. And we really need to fix ambulance chaser parasitic lawyers. We really need to do that!

Nowadays, it’s all about the environment and danger, and transparency and diversity, isn’t it? I agree with those signposts or warnings, and I’m sure you do as well. Danger ahead! Keep alert! As we wake up and recognize that to be informed is power, we can make informed decisions and really make a difference and get back in the right direction. Please go to and to Get informed and get involved.

Those are the facts and that’s the challenge. American medicine is in the balance, and the decision is yours and yours alone. It’ll take guts, but I think you are up to it! The doctors and statists will flat-out comply.

Patrick Wagner, MD, lives in Nevada City.


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