EDUCATION: “All-New BLUE PAPER PRESENTATION” — MD2B and Industry Insight Into Physicians Working With Employers, Needs, Wants, Data, Etc.

Delivered Originally By Catherine Sykes and Bill Bennett, July 31-August 1st, 2015 in Atlanta, GA USA

Analysis and PDF Technical Presentation reviewing the various aspects surrounding physicians partnering with employers. Our Blue Papers, (very different from White Papers) are usually written presentation drafted and presented to our healthcare and business professionals and contain higher levels of detail — as they are used primarily by people in the particular field in question, rather than by the public at large.

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Visit The DocPreneur Press BOOKSTORE and RESOURCE CENTER …

Description & Topics Covered:

  • Addressing How DPC and Concierge Care Practices Work for/with Employers;
  • Study a Snapshot of Who Is Currently Doing It;
  • Creating a Profile of an Ideal Employer;
  • What Are Employers Looking for?
  • A Profile of Receptive Employers;
  • Determine Your Unique Selling Points;
  • Uncover Objections You Need to Be Prepared for;
  • How to Find Employers in Your Area and more.


Duration Time: 44min. 39 sec.(Updated: November 2015)

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