U.K. — The medic, who describes himself on his Twitter page as a ‘concierge, doctor and entrepreneur’, claimed to be the managing director of the Ultra-Wellness Clinic at the Omniya Clinic in Knightsbridge, West London.

‘Doctor who doped sports stars lied to woman about her terminal cancer and does not have a licence to practise medicine’

  • Dr Mark Bonar claimed he gave performance-enhancing drugs to 150 stars
  • General Medical Council now claims he is not registered to practice medicine
  • Dr Bonar, 38, also denies allegations he didn’t tell a patient she was terminal
  • Allegedly withheld the fact so he cold continue to charge her for treatment 

The British doctor who allegedly gave performance enhancing drugs to more than 150 sport stars does not have a medical licence and is accused of failing to tell a patient she had terminal cancer.

Dr Mark Bonar was recorded saying he supplied banned drug such as steroids and human growth hormones to Premier League footballers, tennis players, cyclists and boxers.


UK Anti-Doping to review failure to flag doctor accused of providing banned drugs

Watchdog to investigate after government orders action over allegations British medic Mark Bonar ‘doped’ elite sportspeople — READ MORE …

He claims he did not breach General Medical Council rules and said that doping regulations are the responsibility of individual athletes.

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