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EDITOR: There are two types of doctors, one that walks into the exam room and says, “there you are”. The other says, “here I am”. Who are you?

“First impressions can greatly impact the emotion consumers feel for a brand. What are first impressions like for your customers?” – The Disney Institute via Twitter

What if you did something unexpected?

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief

APRIL 15, 2016 – Recently, I was talking with three physicians about the relationship-building challenges all doctors have with their patients. For Concierge Doctors, it is critical they get this part of “the business” right.


So what if you did something expected? What are the initial first impressions people have when they connect with your practice?

What a great question for Concierge Doctors to ask! Every day, every phone call, every email … create a first impression. Coincidentally, it can create a last impression as well.

When patients first “experience” your practice, what do they feel? As an objective observer of the physicians, their teams and healthcare providers in the Membership Medicine space for quite sometime now, we’ve learned that there are two types of doctors. One that walks into the exam room and says, “there you are, I’m so glad you’re here!” or  one that says “here I am, what is it that you need?”

Which one are you?

concierge medicine researchUltimately, the first impression you create is not about you. It’s about the feelings of others. Everything about your practice causes people to feel something. And a person’s feelings determine how they feel about their doctor.

Here are some helpful tips shared to us by some Concierge Doctors that you may find helpful:

Pay attention to your staff:

  • Do they smile when they answer the phone?
  • Do they make phone calls within ear shot of the waiting area or lobby where guests/patients can hear every word?
  • Is their working environment clean and well-organized?
  • How easily identifiable are they? What are they wearing?
  • What do they have permission to do and say?
  • Do they know how to spot a first-time patient?
  • Are they sensitive to new patients AND their children?

What would it look like if your staff did something unexpected to surprise and delight a former, existing or even a new patient? A kind note. A compliment. You just might gain a fan, and not just the Facebook kind! More than that, that one interaction may lead to other more memorable moments that will influence the trajectory of their experience at your practice and more importantly, their life.

You now have the unique opportunity to exceed the expectations of your patients each and every day! What type of doctor will you be? What memorable impressions will you leave until the next time?

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