Patient Pocket Guide (w/Checklist) Now Available! “50 Qs You Should Ask Every Concierge Doctor”

2016 - 50 Questions Cover_TRANSPARENTRelease Date: MAY 1st, 2016

Pages: 32

Description: This unique handbook offers a comprehensive list of questions and an educational introduction to what Concierge Medicine is, how it functions, why it has been so successful among the people it serves and helpful industry data prospective patients will find useful. I.e. How long do most Concierge Doctors spend during each visit with patients? Average costs, Common Types of Phone Calls, and more. This small pocket guide is a useful educational tool that you and/or your staff should give each and every person who walks through your door. It is also helpful to handout (with your business card inserted as a bookmark btw 🙂 ) at events and businesses in your local area that you might meet, run into or speak with to help learn more.

Cost: $8.95 (+ Tax/Shipping) | $5.95 Kindle e-Edition

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