RETAIL HC RESEARCH: Study finds 58 percent of retail clinic visits for 11 conditions were “new utilization.”

MinuteClinic Opens Its First Walk-in Medical Clinics Inside Chicagoland Target Stores

By Carolyn Y. Johnson

March 10 at 7:00 AM

retail health 3The “minute clinic” has efficiency built into its name, a quick, easy way for people who feel sick — but not that sick — to seek medical treatment without the hassle of making a doctor’s appointment. Early evidence showed that visits to retail clinics embedded in grocery stores, big box stores and pharmacies cost much less than traditional health care, suggesting they could be a way to cut overall spending. But a new analysis shows that, paradoxically, the rise of the retail clinic has meant a small but significant rise in health care spending. Retail clinics accounted for an additional $14 per person per year, according to a Health Affairs study that examined how people insured by Aetna in 22 cities between 2010 and 2012 used health care. That’s because more than half of the visits to retail clinics for sinus infections or other relatively minor illnesses were driven new utilization — in other words, visits that wouldn’t have happened if the clinics didn’t exist.




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