INSIDE YOUR PRACTICE: Dealing With The Unhappy Concierge Medicine Patients

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By Editor-In-Chief, CMT/The DPC Journal

Originally Written MAY 31, 2013 \ Last Updated April 2022 – Patients don’t speak with their mouths, they speak with their feet and then loudly in all CAPS on the Internet. Every heard people refer to the Internet and some Physician reviews as ‘the cowards canvas?’

Typically, when your patients are unhappy, they simply don’t come back.


It could be a bad attitude, unprofessional service, a price increase or a change in the physical location of your practice. Most “membership” medicine doctors may never know.

One thing is for certain, allowing your patients an avenue to express their concerns indirectly through the use of comment cards can help you keep your patients year after year. And with trust eroding between a patient and a physician each year, it’s more important than even to maintain your current patient-base.

According to a recent poll of concierge doctors nationally by, we found that it takes between three and four months to acquire a one new patient to a concierge medicine clinic. Additional digging by the same source also revealed that it can cost three times more to acquire a new patient than to keep an existing patient happy. Therefore, a well-executed Patient Comment Card system and drop box by your door, in your lobby or in any place where patients have to wait for you — gives you the vital information you need at the end of the day and shows that you respect the time, opinion and comments of your current patients. Not to mention, it also offers a simple, hassle-free way to give feedback to your staff — good or bad.

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Here’s a couple of quick tips:

  1. You don’t need to spend big bucks on mass mailer or a local newspaper ad to attract new patients. While those items should be part of your marketing plan, comment cards focus on keeping the patients who already know, like and trust you and hopefully, value the services you provide to them.
  2. Run incentive or gift ideas past your attorney.
  3. Be creative. Design a comment card (with a drop box too – don’t rely on people to hand it to your staff) that people will want to complete. Include a section for rating the doctor on today’s visit, staff service, wait time, if any, office setting, and additional comments.
  4. The last section should ask for more basic information. Here’s where you can start building a valuable database, e.g. birthday’s, anniversary, children’s birthdays, etc.

Last and equally as important. If something goes wrong in your concierge medicine or direct primary care practice, you want to have the chance to make it right—right away, don’t you? Don’t let that patient walk away from your practice for good.

Concierge Medicine Today & our sister publication, The DPC Journal have provided a sample Patient Comment Card question (see below) for your adaptation and inclusion into your practice. Email us at and we’ll send you the PDF Patient Comment Card for FREE right away.


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INSTRUCTIONS: Please rate the following areas on a scale of:

1 – Unacceptable
2 – Needs improvement
3 – Fair
4 – Good
5 – Excellent

Your Doctor:
__ – Friendly
__ – Knowledgeable
__ – Prompt

__ – Friendly
__ – Knowledgeable
__ – Prompt

What can we do to improve your next visit?

We’d like to send you a birthday or anniversary card throughout the year.

Your Birthday (Year is not necessary J)

Your Anniversary (if applicable)

Would you like to be on our e-mail list?


Please add any other comments that will help us improve your experience here at our practice. Thank you.

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