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Free Webinar Concierge Medicine: A Guide for the Risk-Averse Physician ~eVisit (Thursday, May 26)

About The Webinar

Curious about concierge medicine and whether it’s a good fit for your practice? Wondering what it takes to make the transition?

Register for our upcoming webinar, Concierge Medicine: A Guide for the Risk Averse Physician, and get answers to all your questions.


Rob Lewis, Executive Vice President of Physician Marketing Operations at Specialdocs Consultants, will cover exactly what’s involved in switching to a concierge medicine model. Specialdocs has over 13 years of experience supporting physicians converting to concierge practice models.

the_doctors_guide_t_cover_for_kindlejpgYou’ll Learn

  • The different types of concierge medicine models

  • Key factors when considering a transition to concierge medicine

  • The essentials needed to be successful, and most common challenges

  • An inside look at the transition process


An accomplished healthcare exec, Robert previously served as Senior Vice President at Medical Media Communications and President of Custom Medical Group before joining Specialdocs. Robert now uses his expertise in medical education programming to cultivate physician relationships and provide superior customer service at Specialdocs.

About Our Speaker

Robert Lewis
EVP, Physician Marketing Operations
Specialdocs Consultants LLC

Date: May 26t


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