DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT (Maine): “Black Dog Medical is more a return to good, old-fashioned medicine …”

 April 16, 2016 by Jacqueline Weaver on Health, News, News-Featured

LAMOINE — Direct primary care medicine, a term often used interchangeably with concierge medicine, is a relatively new phenomenon.  But Dr. Patty Wyshak, who this month established her direct primary care practice, Black Dog Medical, said it is actually a throwback to medicine as it once was.  With direct primary care, patients pay their physicians a monthly or annual fee in exchange for greater access to their doctors.  “Black Dog Medical is more a return to good, old-fashioned medicine where you could contact your doctor as needed and have relaxed office visits,” said Wyshak, whose internal medicine practice encompasses adults of all ages.  Wyshak and her husband, Brett Jones, are constructing an office building on Madison Avenue in Lamoine and expect the work on the 1,500-square-foot modular to be completed by June.  In the meantime, Wyshak is seeing patients at Dr. Craige Williamson’s office in the medical building adjacent to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital.  The Black Dog Medical name, she said, stems from her love of Labrador dogs — the family has four black Labs and one chocolate Lab — as well as other dogs, cats, chickens and fish.  “The dogs get us outside enjoying all seasons and the nature around us,” she said. “We hope to inspire our patients to do the same.”



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