Viewpoint: Now isn’t the time for Uber for healthcare

cmt assembly 2016_PIC_LIVEBy Akanksha Jayanthi, Editor at Becker’s Hospital Review

Startups left and right say their goal is to be the Uber of their industry, providing the radicalized, consumer-centric, on-demand service that Uber did for transportation. But this term has become a catch-all for any sort of innovation, and it also unrealistic — at least for healthcare.  A large part of Uber’s success stems from its premiere as the first true digital disruptor in an industry ripe for change — transportation. It met a need. Suddenly, people could summon a car to their location with a few taps on their touch-screen phones and no longer deal with hailing taxi cabs or worrying about payment at the end of a ride.


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SOURCE: Akanksha Jayanthi, Editor at Becker’s Hospital Review; Published on July 13, 2016;

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