CMT Announces Strategic Partnership with Unique Patient/Parent/Mobile Experience Offering In Family Med, Pediatrics/Ortho. “Invented by a mom who spent enough hours in the pediatrician’s office to know that keeping kids calm and occupied would make doctor’s visits easier on everyone …”

Dr. Scribbles was invented by a mom who spent enough hours in the pediatrician’s office to know that keeping kids calm and occupied would make doctor’s visits easier on everyone. Now, Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) & The DPC Journal bring it inside your exam room with a special offer (plus, free shipping) on 12 rolls per case.


AUGUST 17, 2016 – Concierge Medicine Today, LLC and its sister publication, The Direct Primary Care Journal announced today that a unique strategic partnership with Dr. Scribbles in now available.

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EP. 109 | DocPreneur Podcast | Invented by a Mom, Meet Dr. Scribbles Founder/CEO/MomPreneur

DRSCRIBBLES patient artwork2“We’ve all been there,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor of The DPC Journal and Concierge Medicine Today. “We are waiting in the exam room with our busy, young kids and there’s nothing to do. The kids get frustrated, the parents are frazzled and by the time the doctor walks into the room, everyone is unhappier than when they arrived. That’s not how a doctor’s visit with our children should begin. There is application with this product to enhance the Family Medicine patient-physician-child experience and many other offices. We’re even seeing some doctors put a bow around them and give them to their colleagues as unique, standout gifts. What a way to make a lasting impression.”

Dr. Scribbles was invented by Angela Malone, busy mother of two young girls, who knew that keeping kids calm and occupied while waiting for the doctor in the exam room would make doctor visits easier on everyone.

exam paper

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After countless hours waiting in the pediatricians’ offices with her daughters, Angela had a revelation – there simply wasn’t enough in the office to keep kids occupied and calm. Her girls would get bored, restless, upset and even more anxious while they waited. And so would mom.

“Our patients and their parents thoroughly enjoyed the activities on the paper. Our doctors appreciated walking into a room (even if it was a bit late) where they were greeted with smiles instead of exasperation.”

DRSCRIBBLES patient artwork3 (1)The doctor would walk in to find tired, distracted faces more ready to leave than to listen.

Looking around, Angela thought of a way for patients to be creative and even learn something until the doctor arrived – Dr. Scribbles exam table paper. Put fun activities, games and puzzles on the paper and you have a built-in entertainment system and educational tool.

“When we met Angela and saw her unique way of engaging children inside the exam room to make the patient experience better, we knew this would be a unique offering to the world of Concierge Medicine, Direct Primary Care and Pediatric Private Medicine. It is not for everyone, but it makes a perfect gift for the Peds in your area that you work with. Plus, it is an amazing talking point with your patients. And who doesn’t love it when your kids are happy!”

dr scribbles exam tableDr. Scribbles is the flagship product of Creategivity, the childhood innovation company. Product testing started in 2012 with high praise from doctors, patients and parents alike. Since then, production and distribution have steadily grown. Dr. Scribbles is now available to any medical facility or provider who wants to improve the patient experience.


Dr. ScribblesTM paper is just the beginning. The Dr. Scribbles app takes the patient experience waaaay beyond the exam room.

This exclusive smartphone app works with special coded features on Dr. Scribbles paper.

  • Patients scan and learn.
  • Scan and play.
  • Scan and explore.
  • Scan and give their opinion.

It’s a fun, friendly way to bring healthy messages to your patients while they wait.

PEDIATRIC and/or ORTHOPEDIC EXAM ROOM PAPER | 12 Rolls/Case … Sale $59.96 (Free Shipping) — CLICK HERE …

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