PODCAST: A discussion about Pharmacogenetic testing, palliative care and wellness in the geriatric population. [Listen here.]

Podcast: “Poly-pharmacy” Solutions with Dr. Mark Carlson

Click Here To Listen To Pre-Recorded Interview.

Click Here To Listen To Pre-Recorded Interview.

A discussion about pharmacogenetic testing, palliative care and wellness in the geriatric population. Listen here.

Dr. Mark Carlson and Laurie Rock are leading the pack when it comes to innovative solutions to caring for seniors.

It’s not just about chronic disease management, its about wellness, being proactive about living well that got my attention and wanting to speak with Dr. Carlson. He explains not only pharmacogenetic testing, but with 25+ years of oncology experience behind him, his in depth knowledge about what it takes to creatively address quality of life in the midst of health care challenges is enlightening.  Time. It really is about taking time with people. And it is about utilizing the latest developments in medicine and pharmacy to clearly develop a plan, especially when a person has “tried everything,” and is still suffering.


Dr. Carlson is the Founder and Director of Be Well MD, an innovative senior wellness practice in Austin, Texas. He is a geriatrician, internist and oncologist with 30 years of healthcare experience. He received his medical doctorate from Loma Linda University and completed his geriatric medicine fellowship at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. He is board certified in Geriatric Medicine, which means he is specially trained to care for seniors.

Laurie Rock has a  background as a Senior healthcare executive, holistic RN, Senior Business Development Specialist, health nut, Certified Laughter Leader, Ted Talk addict and…. a Yogi in training. Her background has awarded her varied learning experiences from health and wellness, hospice, as well as the business of healthcare.Please contact Laurie Rock at 713-703-9985 or email her at Laurie lauriewalkerrock<at> for more information about how to get set up with pharmacogenetic testing.


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