FAQ: What IS Concierge Medicine ~By Cypress

patient guide 2016May 30, 2016

We all know what it means to be a patient.

The ever-constant anxiety while you wait for a week (or two) to get a consultation with your doctor, not knowing what’s wrong with your body.

The fever, chills and shooting pain that comes with the flu, a broken bone or muscle spasm. Having to put aside these symptoms and leave the comfort of your home to drive to the hospital or doctor’s office for treatment.

The hours wasted flipping through magazines in your doctor’s office only to get seven minutes of face-to-face time with your doctor.

We have all been patients. Every doctor has been a patient, too. That’s why more and more doctors are turning to concierge medicine. At its core, concierge medicine solves the issues that can make the doctor-patient experience distasteful. It puts patients where they belong — at the center of the healthcare experience.

Concierge medicine offers more scheduling flexibility.

cypressConcierge physicians often guarantee patients same- or next-day appointments with little to no time spent waiting. And, you can forget about business hours — many concierge doctors email, text, call and even Skype with patients for after-hours emergencies.



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