Study on How Mood and Stress Affect Lifespan Addresses the Long-Term Benefits of House Call Medicine, Explains Dr. Michael Farzam

Commenting on a recent article, Dr. Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles notes that opting for house call doctor visits can decrease stressful and mood altering situations that can benefit the health of patients in the short and long term.

In an article published May 27 on Medical News Today, a study revealed the harmful effects that stress and mood can have on human lifespan and its likely genetic components. Commenting on the article, Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles says that this study is an important reminder of the impact of stress on human health and can encourage those with high stress levels to find ways to alleviate their condition in order to lead healthier lives. The issue of stress definitely applies to doctor visits, Dr. Farzam adds. With a variety of stress-inducing factors that patients can experience commuting through traffic to a doctor’s appointment or while sitting in a waiting room, Dr. Farzam notes that turning to house call medical care can provide a myriad of benefits towards aiding the recovery of a patient.

Dr. Farzam, a board certified physician, explains that his house call services provide convenience and comfort to patients who would much rather save time being treated at home. With technological changes in medical practices, the need for more personalized patient care is rising and House Call Doctor Los Angeles is leading the way, he adds.

Treating a variety of illnesses, injuries and patient needs, Dr. Farzam says that he and his medical team care for every patient with a sense of urgency, no matter how severe or mild their case may be. This level of urgent medical care is what sets House Call Doctor Los Angeles apart from ordinary medical practices. Moreover ensuring convenience and superior medical care, the entire House Call Doctor Los Angeles team works together to support the well-being of their patients, Dr. Farzam adds. He also notes that the costs of a concierge doctor house call are typically a great deal less than using a hospital emergency room.

Dr. Farzam concludes by explaining how his personalized house call health care practice is a truly superior alternative to ordinary hospital visits. Interested readers seeking high quality medical care in the comfort of their own home are advised to reach out to House Call Doctor Los Angeles today. Appointments may be reserved by calling 310-849-7991 at any time or by visiting the practice online at Dr. Farzam and his staff of highly experienced medical professionals look forward to meeting the needs of interested readers and helping them feel their very best. Special concierge services are also available for patients who want to take advantage of House Call Doctor Los Angeles on a regular basis.

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