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SPOTLIGHT on IL: Meet Dr. Glen Dust

Thirty Year Practice Continues with New Approach

•July 13, 2016•

When Dr. Glen Dust converts his Sullivan Health Care practice to Direct Primary Care October 1, he joins four physicians in Illinois offering concierge medicine.

Interest in the trend to replace insurance companies with a membership for primary care has grown nationwide as it helps lower health care costs.

Dr. Dust’s traditional family care practice has demanded more time dealing with insurance requirements for the past 10-15 years which does nothing toward treating patients.

“I’m spending weekends and additional time just to keep up with the growing requirements from insurance companies,” Dust explained. “I want to get back to taking care of patients.”

“In some ways Direct Primary Care is a throwback to when doctors were taking chickens and eggs for payment,” he continued, emphasizing the set fee includes everything from office surgeries to regular visits.



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