Essential Classics: The History of the Medical Bag ~D’Marge

One of the most famous carriers of a medical bag was the original Wonder Woman who, as a Lt. Nurse, used a medical bag to cart around her costume and accessories.

Free, 2017 Edition -- Download the free eBook here ...
Free, 2017 Edition — Download the free eBook here …

By Luc Wiesman, July 17, 2014 | D’MARGE

Traditionally, the medical bag is made of leather and opens on the top with a split-handle design. The medical bag’s history goes back to times of war, when physicians used them to treat wounded soldiers on and off the battlefield. Doctor’s bags continued to be popular as long as doctors made housecalls to visit patients, but fell out of use as the practice faded out of fashion.  When the medical bag no longer served a functional purpose, it was adopted by the fashion world. Today’s medical bags are made from many different materials and come in more varied designs that can include pockets, pouches, bold colours and patterns, metal hardware details, and zippered or hook-and-loop openings. Their large size means they’re still an optimal choice for functional purposes, like packing for a weekend away, but the modern medical bag works just as well as an all-style, no-substance accessory.



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