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(LISTEN) DOCPRENEUR PODCAST: Diamond Physicians (Texas) Talks About Franchising The Concierge Medicine Model

Listen and Learn from Industry Leaders, Innovators and More in our ... "The DocPreneur Podcast" (Free)

Listen and Learn from Industry Leaders, Innovators and More in our … “The DocPreneur Podcast” (Free)

Duration: 33:40

Dr. James Pinckney II, believes in the old adage that integrity and hard work are critical to building customer loyalty. A visionary, he founded Diamond Private Physicians in 2012, a concierge medical practice focused on the patient-physician relationship. This healthcare niche has gained momentum in response to sprawling waste and frustrations with healthcare delivery systems. Diamond bypasses cumbersome and inefficient “middle men” to deliver personalized medical care. Prior to creating Diamond, Dr. James worked in general surgery at the prestigious Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after graduating from Baylor College of Medicine.

Whether you are a physician or investor who is interested in joining the Diamond Physicians family, you will be happy to know that we are actively recruiting franchisees who share our dedication and mission to provide medical services of the highest and most personalized quality. Our Diamond business model is fluid and can accommodate direct primary care philosophies or a full concierge medicine practice. We plan on opening new offices across Texas, and from coast to coast! We can’t do this alone, which is why we welcome franchise inquiries in order to continue expanding and offering our services to those who wish to benefit from our concierge healthcare services.


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