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Concierge Doctors Can Now Refer Their Patients to Qualified Surgeons Based on Actual Medical Outcomes

A new partnership equips Concierge and Direct Primary Care physicians with a tool to refer patients to Top Surgeons with a 4-year track record of exceptional performance.

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR LOCAL AREA Hospital/Facility and Physician/Surgeon Quality Score ... Based On Data/Evidence, not reviews or subjective referrals ...
CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR LOCAL AREA Hospital/Facility and Physician/Surgeon Quality Score … Based On Data/Evidence, not reviews or subjective referrals …


SEATTLE, Oct. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —  MPIRICA Health Inc., a leading healthcare quality transparency company, and Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), the premier publication in Concierge Medicine, announced a partnership which enables CMT readers to access empirical, outcomes-based quality scores covering over 58,000 surgeons across over 1,000 different procedures nationwide.

CMT’s 173,000+ subscriber base, comprised of physicians and Concierge Doctors (as well as healthcare consumers) have previously had to rely on hearsay and subjective feedback when referring patients to surgery providers. This often times occurs in geographic regions in which they may have limited familiarity. As of today, these doctors have a way to identify top-performing surgeons throughout the US, increasing their confidence when recommending providers to their patients.

“We are honored to partner with CMT and to receive their trust and recognition by supporting the Concierge Physicians they serve,” stated Shakil Haroon, MPIRICA founder and CEO. “Receiving validation from medical providers has been important to us from the start, and this relationship boosts our provider support to a higher level.”

A 2016 survey by CMT found that current surgeon referral methods lack any type of objective outcomes-based information. In fact, no respondents reported using actual data, with one-third replying that the primary way they choose a surgeon for their patients is based upon the opinion of a colleague who stated that the surgeon was good.

“We are happy to bring MPIRICA’s innovation of outcomes-based quality scores to our readers,” said Catherine Sykes, CEO and Publisher of Concierge Medicine Today. “Now Concierge Physicians [and their patients] can use data to confidently support their decisions when recommending a quality surgeon and facility nationwide.”

The MPIRICA Quality Score is easy to understand and actionable, with a risk-adjusted and rigorous methodology. A score from 600 to 800 represents an excellent demonstration of care for a given procedure. Scores less than 600 but more than 400 represent fair care, while anything below 400 indicates substandard historical performance.

This new service and information can be easily accessed through CMT’s web site. Information about the methodology behind the score can be found at

About MPIRICA Health, Inc.
MPIRICA Health was founded in 2014 to demystify healthcare quality transparency for consumers and payers using an intuitive measurement of surgeons and hospitals, based on past medical performance, across over 1,000 surgical procedures. Find more information about MPIRICA on Twitter, LinkedIn or at

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