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Ep. 44 | DocPreneur Podcast, Part 1: Interior Design for Boutique Clinics. Meet Cheryl Janis, Author, Interior Designer


Cheryl Janis teaches doctors and healthcare professionals how to transform their practices into nurturing spaces that increase revenue. Unlike conventional interior designers, Cheryl uses an interdisciplinary approach to design—evaluating the patient experience from the moment they walk through the door until the time they leave, and every step in between.


I act as a design consultant to all kinds of health and wellness businesses. I help you design exam and waiting rooms, treatment rooms, practitioner and physician offices, entire facilities and clinics, staff kitchens and lounges, and other healing spaces that make patients and clients, their families and teams feel deeply nurtured and safe. All this while growing your bottom line and increasing your professional aesthetic. Tel. 415.569.8997

DOWNLOAD (FREE) my “Color Cure” Email Course for DOCPRENEUR PODCAST listeners is:


√ Lesson 1: What Friggin’ Color Do I Paint These Walls?

√ Lesson 2: Colors That Agitate The Brain

√ Lesson 3: Three Things Wrong With Traditional Color Theories

√ Lesson 4: Reliable Paint Colors That Make Your Life Easier

√ Lesson 5: When Your Office Landlord Freaks Out About A Color

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Description: In 5 days you’ll learn how intelligent paint colors can instantly transform your healthcare practice into a nurturing and safe space, while increasing your professional aesthetic and your bottom line.

To Contact Cheryl, ask questions, download or purchase a copy of her new Book, visit:

“The Color Cure is amazing. The depth of knowledge Cheryl has and how she easily presents it to create beautiful spaces is truly magical.” ~Dr. Payal Bhandari MD | San Francisco Advanced Health & a Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) Top Doc in Concierge Medicine

Photo Credit: Cheryl Janis; Cheryl Janis Designs; San Francisco, CA 94107 415.569.8997;

Photo Credit: Cheryl Janis; Cheryl Janis Designs; San Francisco, CA 94107 415.569.8997;

Cheryl Janis | Principal Designer
Interior Design for Health & Wellness
404 Bryant St., #1008
San Francisco, CA 94107

Tel. 415.569.8997

Healthcare Topics Discussed in this Podcast #1 — Beauty boosts the immune system. I understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be to open a new concierge medicine practice. The owner physician has a million and one tasks at hand, and too often they’re not able to get all the support they need because of a limited budget. There is plenty of evidence that shows just how effective simple design elements can be in facilitating healing, reducing anxiety and pain and increasing comfort and joy.

Healthcare Topics Discussed in this Podcast #2 — In my thirteen years plus experience of designing boutique healthcare spaces, I’ve seen how a new design creates an overwhelmingly positive experience for patients. As a result, referrals shoot WAY up at an average of 35% and oftentimes much more within the first 6 months of installing the new design. By using a few basic holistic and evidence-based DIY design techniques, this process can begin immediately.

Healthcare Topics Discussed in this Podcast #3 One of the biggest mistakes I see boutique healthcare practitioners make in the design of their space is the selection of the wrong paint colors. This single mistake can cost practitioners hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars in paint corrections, labor costs and stress in the future when patients clearly don’t like it or don’t like how they feel in the space. There are a few easy and practical color tips concierge docs can learn to dramatically improve the process of selecting intelligent and beautiful paint colors that create a warm, nurturing and safe vibe for everyone—patients, colleagues and staff.


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