Hiring: Treatment Scores, Inc. | “Physician Health Writers Wanted.”

Company Name Treatment Scores, Inc.
Phone Number (863) 800-0049
Name of Primary Contact Person Brad Hennenfent, M.D.
Job Location North America
About the Company Treatment Scores, Inc. is a virtual/cyberspace medical review company. Treatment Scores, Inc. is a Delaware C Corporation with headquarters in Florida, and attorneys in Silicon Valley. We publish medical review articles with quantification of the “net treatment benefit for the patient” as Treatment Scores. Treatment Scores are the statistic that patients and doctors need to know the most after diagnosis, yet, Treatment Scores have essentially been a secret until now, because they require organization of large numbers of variables and new statistical methods. We allow you to use our working software prototype to create Treatment Scores.

Type of Job Part-Time
Job Requirements
  • Health bloggers/Health writers wanted.
  • You should be able to write about science-based medicine for the largest possible audience at the sixth to eight grade level.
  • You should understand basic medical statistics. We will teach you Treatment Scores.
  • You will need an e-mail address.
  • Having your own social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube is a plus.
Duties/Responsibilities/Job Description
  • Health bloggers/Health writers wanted.
  • Work from home.
  • Working with Treatment Scores is like continuing your Journal Club experience from residency.

Treatment Scores will help you be the best science-based and evidence-based physician you can be. You will review the medical literature, produce Treatment Scores and blog about them at

You may also use Treatment Score essays to grow your reputation as a science-based, evidence-based, integrative medicine physician who looks at the science behind all treatments whether they are Western medicine, Eastern medicine, herbal medicine, or any other type of alternative medicine. You can demonstrate, with Treatment Scores, that you have the ability to do “personalized medicine” and true “shared decision-making.” You will become a physician who can “really” explain treatments to patients. Patients greatly appreciate “treatment transparency” because (literally) their lives, and their health, are at stake. You may repost your Treatment Score essays in your local newspaper or other places for publicity for yourself and your practice. You may use Treatment Scores to rapidly grow your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube followers.

Examples: What is the Treatment Score for Harvoni for hepatitis C? What is the Treatment Score for Ambien for insomnia? What is the Treatment Score for ginger powder for an acute migraine headache? What is the Treatment Score for the radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer? What is the Treatment Score for the Xiao procedure?

Why don’t you already know these numbers?

Treatment Scores are the statistics that will ride every news cycle. What are the Treatment Scores for Zika virus treatments? We are an early stage startup offering equity only positions at this time; however, we hope that in the future these positions will evolve into significant secondary income for all participating writers. We believe Treatment Scores can be used to create the dominant consumer healthcare website. We also believe that a “yearly book of Treatment Scores” can be licensed to get royalties on treatment transactions around the world. These are part-time jobs requiring only that you write one essay per month (or up to as many as 48 essays per year) depending on what you want to do.

E-mail your CV to Brad Hennenfent, M.D. at: to schedule a telephone call about working with Treatment Scores, Inc. TEL. (863) 800-0049

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