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PRESS RELEASE: Activate Healthcare & Health Benefit Resources Announce Partnership (Chicago, IL)

Agreement Expands Successful Employer-Sponsored Primary Care Clinics Into Northern and Central Illinois

Activate Healthcare and Health Benefit Resources, Inc. have entered into an agreement to help expand Activate Healthcare’s highly successful Employer-Sponsored Primary Care Clinics into Northern and Central Illinois. The “Community Care Partnership” program offers employers in the same geographic area the opportunity to band together to provide their employees with access to comprehensive primary care services at no additional cost to employees and their families. Activate Healthcare’s mission is to transform health care by activating employees and their families to take charge of their health, and employers to take charge of health care costs. In six years of creating primary care clinics, this simple but powerful focus has engaged close to 80 organizations and 66,000 lives across the country.

“Ask employees and employers how they like their health plan and many will tell you that they are unhappy with the huge out-of-pocket costs, copays, skyrocketing drug costs and now, increasingly restrictive networks,” said George Duczak, President of Health Benefit Resources, Inc. “Employers have had to raise deductibles and coinsurance to afford increasing group medical rates, which has dramatically raised out-of-pocket costs to employees. Compounding this challenge is the growing shortage of Primary Care Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.”

“When a community of employers in both the private and public sectors band together, we can provide their employees with a local, fully staffed primary health clinic that has been proven to provide high-quality, convenient health and wellness care,” Duczak continued. “Providing access to these services, at no cost to employees, encourages people to improve their health while still managing employer health costs. This in turn, improves employee retention and absenteeism resulting in greater productivity.

Our Partners
The “Community Care Partnership” also includes The Alliance, an employer-owned health care purchasing cooperative, comprised of over 200 employers in Wisconsin and northern Illinois that has achieved an envied record for continuing to provide quality benefits at affordable rates. Their collective purchasing power gives them the ability to secure high-valued negotiated rates for hospital medical services. Due to member demand, the cooperative has expanded its proprietary provider network into northern Illinois, western Iowa, and northern Wisconsin.

Health Benefit Resources, Inc. (HBR), the Marketing General Agency, assists Activate Healthcare, The Alliance, and the participating insurance carriers or programs, in aggregating the employer population membership. In turn, HBR can assist with the necessary financing to build out a clinic on a community-by-community basis.

“We can work with existing fully insured or self-funded programs of choice, or we can provide access to administrators who are already familiar with the value of direct primary care,” explained Duczak. “HBR can provide preferred access to administration to integrate this initiative along with the back-up high-deductible major medical plans to provide a common administrative platform.”

HBR is actively in discussions with employers and benefit consultants in target communities. “We feel the services of a knowledgeable, effective employee benefits agency in each community is an integral part of the delivery, assistance and ongoing data mining that is critical to the future success of the program,” added Duczak. According to Duczak, employer-sponsored onsite clinics, sometimes called “medical homes”, is the fastest-growing health care cost containment initiative in the United States among large employers. “Serious problems take innovative solutions – solutions that deliver more than promises!”

We are hosting a Northern Illinois Business Community Program presentation on Friday, February 10th at the Woodstock Opera House.

While our initial focus is on Illinois, we can work nationally with local group benefits agencies and employers. To participate in our monthly Webcasts or attend our presentation, please email maureen(at)HBRhelp(dot)com.

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