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INFOGRAPHIC: Six (6) Growth Areas in Free Market Healthcare Rising (NEW!)

“Concierge Medicine Today (CMT)] believes the American consumer (i.e. patient) should have access to the widest range of services made available by licensed physicians and healthcare professionals. The DPC Journal supports laws that respect and enhance consumer choice in the marketplace. State laws should support an independent physician that is unencumbered by controls imposed by insurance company regulations, large healthcare systems, and which ensure access to market for all doctors wishing to provide Concierge Medicine and direct-to-consumer healthcare programs to his/her community at-large. For smaller Subscription-based Medical Offices, the ability to be unencumbered by these market forces is essential to practice business survival.”

JANUARY 31, 2017 | By Staff | Concierge Medicine Today

Click to Enlarge Inforgraphic ...

Click to Enlarge Inforgraphic …

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