Next-Generation Cardiology Care: Cardiology with Genetic Testing

Genetics research is at the cutting edge of cardiovascular care with arrhythmia syndrome screening advancements and opportunities for personalized medicine.

Gregory A. Freeman, August 15, 2016

Cardiovascular care is often on the cutting edge of medicine, but hospitals are now making progress toward the next generation of cardiology with genetic testing and treatment that enable care to be far more targeted than past service lines. Contrasting the usual focus on identifying those at risk for cardiovascular issues, one of the main goals now is to identify those who are not at risk and to keep them healthy and out of the healthcare system.

The drive for more targeted care stems in part from years of criticism for the overuse of stents and other unnecessary treatment in cardiovascular care, but advances in genetics research are leading to what could be dramatic steps forward. Much of the leading edge in cardiovascular care involves the study of patients with genetic arrhythmia syndromes, in which otherwise healthy young people die suddenly or develop life-threatening heart rhythms.



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