INTERVIEWS: Concierge Medicine and Dizziness, Interview and Study with Michael Mignoli, MD

By Specialdocs Consultants

FEBRUARY 9, 2017 – Michael Mignoli, MD, was recently interviewed by two publications — Lone Tree Voice and Colorado Health & Wellness — to provide insights on dizziness and explain why he transitioned to a concierge medical practice.

Read the article published by Colorado Health & Wellness titled, “Dizzy?

Understand why Dr. Mignoli and our very own CEO Terry Bauer believe concierge medicine represents an excellent, sustainable option for physicians and their patients. “The reason that I did this was that I believe patients deserve to have a deeper level of relationship with their physician,” Dr. Mignoli told Lone Tree Voice. Read more in the article titled, “Option puts primary focus on the patient,” here.

About Specialdocs

Founded in 2002, Specialdocs Consultants, LLC is a pioneer in transitioning traditional medical practices nationwide to independent, custom-designed concierge models. Our unique approach ensures that physicians retain their autonomy, with their own names and brand at the forefront of the practice. Specialdocs’ highly experienced staff, along with our reputation for success and integrity across the country, ensures that we remain a leader in transitioning physicians to this independent model. We provide all the essentials and ongoing support for a successful concierge medicine practice – patient communications, staff and physician training, accounting and membership management, patient outreach and marketing, legal and regulatory guidance – and we are dedicated to supporting our physicians through a successful transition process and well beyond.

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