KENTUCKY, POLICY: Direct primary care bill passes Senate committee (with Video) — 8-0 vote; Senate Bill 79

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02/08/2017 02:41 PM | By Don Weber

FRANKFORT, KY – A bill which would allow patients to contract with physicians by paying a monthly fee for basic doctor health care was passed on Wednesday by the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare by an 8-0 vote. Senate Bill 79, sponsored by Sen. Ralph Alvarado, R-Winchester, would establish Direct Primary Care (DPC) as an option for patients who would enter into a contract and pay a monthly fee to a physician for basic medical care with that physician. Alvarado said DPC has a lot of benefits for both the physician and the patient. “The current traditional system drives up costs, as well as physician and patient frustration as well,” Alvarado said. “In DPC, patients get greater access and more time with their physician and physicians spend more time helping patients rather than dealing with the hassles and costs associated with billing a health insurance company.”


SOURCE: http://mycn2.com/politics/direct-primary-care-health-care-bill-passes-senate-committee

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