INVESTMENT NEWS: “Time for financial advisers to reimagine their offices”

Consumers are being empowered in every retail experience they have. That will ultimately include our industry, too.

By Joe Duran

Feb 1, 2017 @ 1:47 pm – In the past several years, many doctors have shifted to concierge medicine (charging an annual fee for wellness and maintenance) to serve fewer patients and still stay profitable. How many of them can make the investment to further enhance the way they deliver their service? The digitized medical experience that Forward intends to deliver will allow one office to literally serve thousands of patients in a more dynamic, and ultimately superior, way than most doctors could ever replicate with their existing infrastructure and systems.


Ep. 44 | DocPreneur Podcast, Part 1: Interior Design for Boutique Clinics. Meet Cheryl Janis, Author, Interior Designer

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