New Jersey + Pennsylvania: Free (DPC) Primary-Care Office Opens for Government and School Employees

Pilot project developed by Sen. Sweeney to improve care, reduce taxpayer costs.

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Four primary-care practices have opened for business in a pilot program that can treat tens of thousands of government and school system employees for free, the realization of a plan developed by Senate President Steve Sweeney and labor unions to improve patient care and reduce costs to taxpayers. The R-Health Direct Primary Care Program is now operating in Burlington, Camden, and Mercer counties, and just across the river from Trenton in Pennsylvania, with a model designed to allow doctors to spend far more time with their patients and better understand their concerns, leaders at R-Health explained.


SOURCE: http://www.njspotlight.com/stories/17/02/09/free-primary-care-office-opens-for-government-and-school-employees/

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