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A Two (2) White Paper PLUS Supporting Graphic Combo

LAST UPDATED: MARCH 20, 2017 – When our team examined the specialty medial offices inside the Direct Primary Care industry, we looked at basic service offerings, specialty services, ancillary offerings and much more. What we learned was that primary care and visits to a DPC practice for routine examinations are not enough to keep patients happy and coming back year after year. We found that among the operating physician practices in California, New York, Georgia and Florida, four of the top 5 most highly populated states in this industry, the following:

  • 42% of Cash-based, Direct-Pay Practices are Internal Medicine/Primary Care
  • 27% of Cash-based, Direct-Pay Practices are Family Medicine.
  • 17% of Cash-based, Direct-Pay Practices are Osteopathic Medicine.
  • 14% of Cash-based, Direct-Pay Practices are specialty physicians, which range which include: pediatric concierge care; neurology; cardiology; urgent care; chiropractic; anti-aging and hormone replacement; acupuncture; gynecology; dentistry and addiction recovery medicine.
  • Many practices are expanding their operating hours to accommodate working Moms and Dads while continuing to remain open scheduling and offer same-day visits, Saturday’s also.

“The anti-aging and medical home delivery model fits well inside a concierge medicine [and direct care] practice,” says Catherine Sykes, Publisher of Concierge Medicine Today. “The nutritional component, the wellness solutions, the anti-aging and team-focused health care delivery professionals led by a concierge [or direct care] doctor are providing comprehensive and continuous health care services to patients year after year that they simply can’t find elsewhere. This combination is increasing patient retention and patient interest in the concept. The goal here is healthy outcomes for patients followed by increased patient retention outcomes for the physician year after year.”


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