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ZWELLING, MD [OC Register]: “Fake repeal-and-replace legislation fails to reform health care …”

Nine years ago it was difficult to say who was more unhappy with the broken American healthcare system, Dr. Marcy Zwelling, or her 4,000 patients. That was when Dr. Zwelling made the decision to be the doctor who would speak out against a system that no longer works. Zwelling said Enough! and created Choice Care for a limited number of patients seeking an alternative.

This simple executive order costs nothing but is a priceless opportunity to lead the nation’s health care reform efforts. It establishes a healthy conversation about the things that matter most in any health care delivery system, the sanctity of the patient/physician relationship and individual patient choice.

By MARCY L. ZWELLING-AAMOT / Contributing writer

MARCH 17, 2017 – The Republican Affordable Care Act repeal-and-replace bill is public and the Congressional Budget Office report is out. The likelihood that the number of uninsured could actually go up in spite of legislation meant to “cure” all that ails our health care delivery system has animated the media into a frenzy. But whatever the ultimate number of uninsured, this legislation has little chance of reforming the health care marketplace. That’s because it doesn’t address the problem; it exacerbates it. The nation is once again throwing money at the very heart of the dragon.



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