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MICHIGAN: WSU Med School hosts state of healthcare panel.

Addressing the price issue, Dr. Thomas explained his efforts to combat expensive healthcare with his direct primary care services and said that a major issue is there is no transparency within prices in medicine.   “We can’t compare quality and we can’t compare prices,” he said.

By Selena Aguilera

Friday, February 10, 2017 2:45 pm The Wayne State University School of Medicine’s American Medical Association chapter hosted a discussion panel including five local medical leaders and their thoughts about the current state of health care and its future.   The five speakers included, Dean of the School of Medicine, Dr. Jack Sobel, Plum Health Direct Primary Care founder, Dr. Paul Thomas, Senator of Michigan’s seventh district, Patrick Colbeck, Health Officer for the City of Detroit and Executive Director of the Detroit Health Department, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and Michigan Urgent Care founder in 1998, Dr. Mohammed Aiswala.  Each panelist discussed their concerns with our countries healthcare system where the typical issue of cost arose. The panelists agreed that, generally, every citizen is concerned with the high price of healthcare which sometimes leaves part of our population living without a healthcare plan, simply because they can not afford it.



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