AMA STEPS Forward™ Practice Improvement Strategies

The Satisfaction of Delivering Care

The real-world strategies, tools and resources presented in AMA STEPS Forward™ are based on the key insights of the AMA-RAND study, “Factors affecting physician professional satisfaction and their implications for patient care, health systems and health policy.”

AMA STEPS Forward™ practice improvement strategies include a variety of modules on professional well‑being, specifically preventing physician burnout. These modules offer opportunities to improve patient satisfaction, quality outcomes and provider recruitment and retention.

The AMA created the STEPS Forward program to refocus physicians towards spending more time directly caring for patients. The program includes several educational modules that tackle common practice challenges, often focused on increasing physician productivity. One such module, for example, focuses on optimizing staff performance. “We have toolkits on increasing the responsibilities of our nursing and medical assistant partners, so that they can do more as they are rooming the patients in the pre-visit time, before the physician component of the visit, and so they can do more after the physician component of the visit,” says Sinsky. Since introducing the STEPS Forward modules, Sinsky says AMA has seen 50,000 physicians complete at least one or more modules. [1]


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