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TOPOL, MD: “Disruption is most likely to come from the outside because medicine is so terribly entrenched …”

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Dr. Eric Topol to shiny new venture-backed Silicon Valley startup: Prove it

Forward is led by Adrian Aoun, CEO and founder, who sold Wavii to Google and led special projects at Alphabet (formerly Google). Already a ton of cyberspace has been devoted to Forward and its first clinic in San Francisco, which recalls the sleek lines of an Apple store fitted with body scanners, sensors, sleek interfaces and a futuristic feel. For $149 per month, people can visit the Forward clinic as many times they want, no insurance or copays needed.

Not surprisingly, the media coverage of the vision, the high-tech glitz, and glam behind Forward has caught the eye of Dr. Topol widely known to embrace technology-driven transformation of medicine. In fact, he believes that the future of medicine is digital.


SOURCE:; Jan 23, 2017 at 6:36 PM

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