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Genomic medicine goes mainstream

Clifford Hodson, a 54-year-old manufacturer’s sales representative from Reston, Va., took statins for elevated cholesterol, but suffered from joint pain and was often grouchy, according to his wife.


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The South African native and former rugby player complained to Dr. Craig Cheifetz, an internist with the Inova Health System in Fairfax, Va., and medical director of its VIP 360° concierge medicine program. Cheifetz recommended tests through Inova Health’s MediMap pharmaco-genomic testing program. MediMap currently uses test panels for six clinical categories—newborns, heart, psychiatry, neurology, cancer and surgery.

“They just do a mouth swab and 4 to 6 weeks later you get this pretty little report back,” Hodson said. Based on that genetic profile, it listed medications that might cause unwanted side effects like the ones he was experiencing. “Lo and behold, the statins are bloody dangerous for me,” Hodson said.

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