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10 most valuable retail brands in the world (Note: Half Have Strong Retail Healthcare Component of Some Kind)

10 most valuable retail brands in the world (Note: Half Have Strong Retail Healthcare Component of Some Kind)

By Theo Thimou | March 14, 2017 1:53 pm

At a time when traditional retail is really struggling, isn’t it nice to hear a positive story about the industry for a change?

Business valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance is out with its annual Retail 50 tally and it’s topped by a lot of the ususal suspects.

To arrive at its conclusions, Brand Finance sizes up retail brands based on metrics such as marketing investment, familiarity of brand (including logo and design recognition), brand loyalty, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation.

The world’s most valuable brand probably won’t surprise anybody. It’s Amazon, which is valued at $106.4 billion.

We should note that despite taking pole position in Brand Finance’s tally, Amazon is actually not the most valuable company in the world.

That distinction tends to shifts back and forth between Google at  $109.5 billion and Apple at $107.1 billion. (Editor’s note: Google and Apple are not included in the Retail 50 tally because neither is primarily a retail business.)

Walmart holds steady in second place on the Retail 50 with a brand value of $62.2 billion this year. No surprise there either.

For the first real surprise on the tally, we have to turn to a Chinese company: Alibaba. The Asian e-commerce site roared into third place after growing its value from $17.9 billion last year to $34.8 billion this year!

Other companies of interest on the Retail 50 include Costco (No. 10), ALDI (No. 13), Sam’s Club (No. 15) and Dollar General (No. 24).

Looking further down the field, TJ Maxx saw its brand value rise 79% to $5.568 billion as it claimed the 27th spot on the tally.



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