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CMT SPOTLIGHT (Miami Beach, FL): Meet Dr. Samuel Maghidman

Dr. Samuel Maghidman specializes in Internal Medicine. A Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), Dr. Maghidman is a graduate of the prestigious University of Texas at the Texas Medical Center in Houston-Texas. Photo:

APRIL 10, 2017 – Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with highly personalized healthcare with your Concierge Medicine physician. Because we see fewer patients than the average physician in a traditional Concierge Medicine allows the doctor to provide a transparent and effective patient care. Concierge physician care responsible for building superior patient experience, focused on supporting patients proving them the tools to be on top of their health and not be treated just like any number but the number one.

Concierge Medicine provides the ideal delivery model for the future of preventive medicine. This type of practice has been referred to as concierge medicine, retainer medicine, membership medicine, cash-only practice, and direct care.

A small but growing number of patients are using the concierge model to adopt more-personalized medical care. As a concierge medicine patient you will be able to contact your physician at any time 24×7 and to schedule same-day appointments if needed.

In Concierge Medicine the patient usually pays an annual fee or retainer for medical services and gets unlimited number of visits, ensuring adequate time and availability for each patient.

SM Concierge Medicine is a revolutionary approach to medical care. We build a personal relationship with every patient that allows us to proactively care for their well being. At SM Concierge Medicine, we focus primarily on preventive medicine. We use highly-advanced diagnostic techniques to tailor our care to your individual medical needs. For more information, visit:

4308 Alton Rd. Suite 920
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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