CNBC: “Direct primary care, while very promising, is only one model for doing this. We need our nation’s most innovative thinkers …”

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CNBC: Trump, listen up: 3 ways start-ups could fix America’s broken health-care system

By Uzochukwu Chima, co-founder of Kaigo Health

Wednesday, 5 Apr 2017 | 10:10 AM ET

Empathy for customers is perhaps the most powerful engine for success, but it is missing from many industries. When we experience the empathy gap in industries like air travel, it’s frustrating — but in other scenarios, like getting health care, it can be life threatening.  Many Americans, including those with health insurance, cannot see the doctors they need or get treatment because it is too hard to navigate a system designed by people who have not put themselves in the shoes of patients.



CNBC … “Doctors on demand: Concierge Medicine becoming more affordable.”


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