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Silicon Valley has a fresh take on a new movement that could be the future of medicine

CEO Adrian Aoun, who formerly worked at Google, didn’t really think about fitting into that DPC model, and doesn’t call what Forward is doing direct primary care.

By Lydia Ramsey | Business Insider | Apr. 9, 2017, 8:43 AM

THE FREE MARKET HEALTHCARE DELIVERY FAMILY TREE IS GROWING … (C) The Direct Primary Care Journal | All Rights Reserved.

TOPOL, MD: “Disruption is most likely to come from the outside because medicine is so terribly entrenched …”

Forward is Silicon Valley’s futuristic doctor’s office that looks “like an Apple Store meets ‘Westworld.'” For $150 a month, it acts as your primary care provider, along with providing some extra perks and technology used with the intent to keep you healthier.

For $149 a Month, the Doctor Will See You as Often as You Want — Docs office like Apple Store — MIT Review



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