NBC Nightly News: “DPC, A Better Way to Pay for Healthcare?” [Contrib. Sources: David Cunningham, MD; DPC Journal; DPC Coalition; and others.]

Direct Primary Care: A Better Way to Pay for Healthcare?

“After learning about the growing Direct Primary Care movement I immediately knew this was the model of care I was looking for my entire career.  I feel very fortunate to have the love and support of my family throughout the creation of Infinity Family Care, and to have found a kindred spirit and partner in Wendy Cohen.” ~David Cunningham, MD Co-Founder, Infinity Family Care

ncb news dpc 201723

“DPC shrinks the gap and says ‘Yes’ in a world of ‘No,'” said Michael Tetreault, editor of The DPC Journal in an interview with NBC Nightly News on March 30, 2017. “Inside each office is a significant and important message … it is a message that starts a conversation, creates common ground and true connection between patient and physician, mother and doctor, employer and employees and so many others. It shrinks the gap and enhances relationship.”

“We [The DPC Journal staff], work tirelessly [sometimes for several weeks and months with reporters] to educate and connect physicians with those in all national and local media … and who have had great success at spreading the message about new healthcare delivery lines and services. This is a conversation with an important message … one that supersedes political lines and is about common sense, cost, transparency, healthcare savings and ultimately, caring for those who do not feel for in our communities.”

Fri, Apr 14 | Cunningham, Sylvia (NBCUniversal); Additional Contributions to this story from Jay Keese, DPC Coalition; David Cunningham, MD
Co-Founder, Infinity Family Care; Michael Tetreault, Editor, The DPC Journal.

This kind of primary care allows patients to bypass insurance and pay a flat rate to see their doctor for basic services.


SOURCE: NBC Nightly News; April 14, 2017; The Direct Primary Care Journal, March 30-31, 2017;

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