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Jorgensen [MDVIP CEO] says, “Where we find value is strengthening the relationship between doctor and patient, and we think that’s where the magic is.”

Local Boca Doctors Change Primary Physcian Care With Conceirge Medicine

By Jessica Tzikas | May 2017

Far-out appointments, crowded waiting rooms, short visits with the doctor. These characteristics have become standard when seeing a primary physician, but local doctors have set out to change that with concierge medicine morphing the landscape of modern-day treatment.


Meet Dr. Michael Monaco of MDVIP, “A Top Doctor in Concierge Medicine” ~CMT

The term “concierge doctor” has been around for a while. “It started more than 15 years ago,” says Dr. Steven E. Reznick, who owns a concierge practice in Boca Raton. “The idea was that doctors could have a smaller census of patients who required more attention and were willing to pay a fee to get that attention.”


New MDVIP Study Reveals Personalized Preventive Care Yields Decreased Costs And Better Health Management

While physicians around the country began to partake in a form of concierge medicine, it was here in Boca Raton where the term originated—all thanks to two local internal medicine specialists who started a company called MDVIP.



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