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FORBES: What Has Been The Biggest Advance In Genomics In The Last Five Years? ~Quora

“Genetic technology has reached the point where the cost of conducting comprehensive genetic testing for hundreds of diseases at a single time is now affordable, and the knowledge of how to use this information is increasing at an exponential rate.” ~Intervew with the Editor, The DPC Journal & Concierge Medicine Today

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What would you say has been the biggest advance in genomics in the last 5 years? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.


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Answer by Jill Hagenkord, Chief Medical Officer at Color Genomics, on Quora:


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The maturation of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has been the biggest advance in genomics in the last five years. This has lead to the plummeting cost of sequencing our DNA. The cost of genetic sequencing has been dropping faster than Moore’s law. Although we have been sequencing genes in the clinical lab for over twenty years using Sanger sequencing, it was expensive and laborious and so it had to be done very judiciously. Turn around times were four months to more than a year. Insurance companies rarely paid for the testing and it was far too expensive for most people to afford. Genetic testing on affected people was rarely done and preventive genetic testing of healthy people was unheard of.

NGS has made DNA sequencing affordable. Our health care system is really a sick care system, it only pays for services if you are already sick. There is very little incentive for any health care stakeholders to pay for services that help keep people healthy. By making genetic sequencing affordable, we can get it outside The System. The incumbent health care system, in addition to not being incentivized to keep you healthy, is lousy with trolls that live under bridges and charge a tax to cross. By the time every troll takes their cut, the cost of testing is again out of reach for most healthcare consumers. But, once you are outside The System, the few stakeholders that are incentivized to help you stay healthy, you and your employer, can afford to make preventive genetics an option.



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