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Store-and-Forward Telehealth Service Replaces the Office Visit

Rush University Medical Center’s new SmartExam service uses a store-and-forward telehealth platform to treat patients with minor health concerns. It’s an ideal platform for a hospital just beginning its digital health journey.

April 12, 2017 – Rush University Medical Center has launched a store-and-forward telemedicine platform for non-emergency cases, giving patients an effective alternative to the doctor’s office or retail clinic visit.  Rush SmartExam is the Chicago-based hospital’s first patient-facing telehealth service, says Amanda Tosto, RN, MS, director of population health and a practitioner in Rush UMC’s Department of Health Systems Management. And it’s deliberately styled to fit into the daily routines of both patient and doctor.  “This is so logical from a physician’s standpoint,” she says. “It’s a part of what we do every day. We’re just making it more convenient for our patients.”



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