October 20, 2020

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CMT SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr. Espinosa — “Making the Switch From Hospital to Concierge Practice.” ~J. Colwell

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By Janet Colwell

drespinosa4MAY 16, 2016 – When general internist Edward Espinosa began his career at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta nine years ago, he planned to eventually transition from hospital- to office-based practice. However, the more he learned about the frustrations of the traditional fee-for-service environment, the less confident he became about taking that path.

“The hospital was willing to set me up in a clinic but then I found out that I would need to see 25 patients a day,” says Espinosa, 43, who now runs Buckhead Concierge Internal Medicine in Atlanta. “It defeated the reason I wanted to practice outpatient medicine in the first place, which was to decrease my volume of patients and be less impersonal and rushed.”

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SOURCE: http://www.physicianspractice.com/practice-models/making-switch-hospital-concierge-practice/page/0/1#sthash.bLn1k9NX.dpuf

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