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Health System Pharmacy | “Technology is creating a system to identify patients in need of medication help at discharge.”

New technology could help pharmacists identify patients at high risk for nonadherence before they leave the hospital.

May 16, 2017 By Jill Sederstrom

Rx Compliance Improves Among Concierge Medicine Patients

POSITION, STATEMENT: Use and Application of Pharmacogenomics Inside Concierge Medicine

Nonadherence, particularly immediately after discharge, continues to be an obstacle for the health-care system and has been linked to higher readmission rates, greater costs, and worse health outcomes.  However, by using new technology and intervention strategies, health systems can partner with on-site ambulatory care pharmacies to improve the success of meds-to-beds programs and plan specific targeted interventions that are focused on those patients who need it most.  On-site ambulatory care pharmacists often have the skills and resources necessary to help position high-risk patients for success after discharge, but in many cases these pharmacists may not be used to their fullest ability.



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