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New Virginia Mason clinic taking shape on Bainbridge: “30,000-square-foot facility opens in spring of 2018.”

Use of Measurement In Concierge Medicine Grows: Quality Scores of Hospitals and Surgeons based on Medical Performance and Evidence-Based Medical Outcomes.

Those offerings will include urgent care, primary care, a wide range of specialty services, physical therapy and behavioral health and nutrition counseling. Personalized “concierge medicine” will be available for an additional fee.

EDITOR: Going from a Group/Hospital Job To A Membership Medicine Practice … What You Need To Know.

By Tad Sooter | May 2, 2017

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND — Work is underway this spring on what will become Bainbridge Island’s largest outpatient clinic. Brick and steel walls have been erected off High School Road for the 30,000-square-foot Virginia Mason clinic, expected to open in spring 2018. Virginia Mason’s existing Winslow Way clinic will relocate to the new building once it’s completed. Spokesman Gale Robinette said …

CMT: Hospital Institutions Offering Concierge Medicine Programs



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