CEO, St. Thomas Medical Partners | Serving Millennials Requires Setting a New Standard for Healthcare

May 31, 2017

By Fahad Tahir; Chief Executive Officer at Saint Thomas Medical Partners

In Nashville, we’re especially impacted by millennial consumer patterns. Since 2010, the Nashville area grew by more than 32,000 people a year – a pace of about 89 people per day. Millennials – generally considered those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s – account for nearly 30 percent of Nashville’s total population.


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The confluence of technology and social media is unique to this generation and has set cultural expectations for on-demand service across industries. Millennials have a reputation for being social media-crazed and conditioned to demand immediate response and actions. Radical disruptions to traditional services by companies such as Uber, Venmo and Postmates are meeting consumers where they are and as soon as they’re needed.

The relationship this generation expects from their healthcare providers is no exception. Millennials seek healthcare experiences based on their personal needs, trust, and congruence with how they operate as consumers in other parts of life.


SOURCE: Fahad Tahir; Chief Executive Officer at Saint Thomas Medical Partners;

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