Prominent California physician Dr. James Veltmeyer is author of the “Medical Association Membership” plan

Author of New Health Care Plan Releases “Health Care by the People, for the People”

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Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief of the Department of Family Medicine at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California and author of the innovative “Medical Association Membership” ( MAM ) health care reform plan, explains more about the plan and the direct primary care model of health care in “Health Care by the People, for the People.”

“Health Care by the People, for the People” makes the compelling argument for a new health care reform for America that returns control over medical decisions to patients and doctors and rolls back the role of government and insurance companies. In contrast to the “Affordable Care Act” or the “American Health Care Act,” the MAM offers a real opportunity to reduce health care costs, insurance premiums, and deductibles by drastically changing the medical delivery system ( employer and government-paid health insurance ) which has existed since World War II.

“What I propose is a return to basics, the fundamentals that are time-tested that worked before and can work again. What I propose is a system where doctors and patients are again in charge, not the government, insurance companies, drug companies or hospital billing bureaucracies,” said Dr. Veltmeyer, whose family has been directly impacted by the failures of the ACA through delays and refusals in necessary testing and treatment for his wife, who suffers from breast cancer.

Dr. Veltmeyer provides leadership to over 200 doctors at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, is Board Certified in Family Medicine and was voted San Diego’s “Top Medical Doctor” in 2012, 2014 and 2016. He emigrated to the United States from Ecuador as a child.

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