FORBES | All Great Customer Service Cultures Share These 8 Elements. How Does Your Company Measure Up?


After Converting A Practice To A Concierge Medical Practice, What Is The 1st Thing To Change In The Practice?

(C) Concierge Medicine Today | The DPC Journal | 2017

By Micah Solomon, Forbes, Contributor

I define “customer service culture” as an atmosphere in which employees, management, and leadership serve their customers eagerly and effectively. (Think Nordstrom, USAA Insurance, Southwest Airlines, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Apple, Zappos, The Container Store, and Starbucks–and their equally excellent B2B counterparts.) In such a culture, service to customers is a way of life, a default position, something that is relentlessly pursued and refined. In my work with and study of such companies, I find each culture to be, on the surface, quite distinct. An employee who has spent her life working at USAA and is suddenly transported to the Customer Loyalty Team (contact center) at Zappos would need a significant adjustment period before she felt at home. However, below those surface distinctions, these customer service cultures have a lot in common. Here’s my list of eight characteristics that are shared, and consciously nurtured, by all of them.


The Six Habits of Self-Made Concierge Doctors



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