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PRECISION MED | How predictive analytics, telehealth helped one hospital make patients safer

By Mike Miliard | May 16, 2017 11:16 AM

SAN FRANCISCO – El Camino Hospital had a problem: Patient falls were increasing, according to Chief Nursing Officer Cheryl Reinking. “We take pride in high quality,” Reinking said at the Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum on Tuesday. “That was very concerning to us.” So El Camino, which installed a CPOE system back in 1971 and whose pioneering first chief information officer is the namesake for the CHIME-HIMSS John E. Gall Jr. CIO of the Year Award, put advanced analytics to work tackling the serious patient safety issue.

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OFFICIAL POSITION, STATEMENT: Concierge Medicine Today Statement of Support For Quality Scores of Hospitals and Surgeons based on Medical Performance and Evidence-Based Medical Outcomes.




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